3 Piece Takedown Longbow 

Bow Pricing

Effective February 15th 2008


The process of designing, laminating, and tillering ACS limbs is very different from the building of bows with conventional limbs.  Incorporating cross-sectional geometry (the patented ACS concept) into the limbs enables us to build limbs that are stiffer and stronger – without making them thicker or wider. 

The advantage of this technique is clear – our limbs weigh less than conventional limbs and therefore deliver more stored energy to the arrow.  In addition, we have carefully designed where the limb bends and the amount of bend to further increase the energy storage.  In our limbs, more stored energy is delivered to the arrow. This is what makes ACS bows perform the way they do. 



3 piece TD 
14" Riser Aluminum w/Grip



3 piece TD 
14" Riser Exotic Wood



3 piece TD 
16" ST Riser Aluminum w/Grip



3 piece TD 
16" ST Riser Exotic Wood



3 piece TD 
16" RC Riser Exotic wood




Limbs Only


14" ST Exotic Wood Riser


14" ST Aluminum Riserw/Grip


  16" ST Exotic Wood Riser


  16" ST Aluminum Riser w/Grip


  16" RC Riser Exotic Wood




Macassar Ebony
Camoflaged Bow


Two wood Specials


Rhino Case


3 Sleeve Case




Bezel Set w/3/16 Wrench


Leather Grip


US Ship Complete Bow


US Ship Limbs


US Ship Riser





We have 3 riser styles to choose from. 14" ST, 16" ST and 16" RC.

The 14” ST and 16" ST riser is available in either exotic wood or solid aluminum with a leather grip, the 16" RC is only available in exotic wood. Please review the section below that discusses these options.


Five limb lengths are available when used on a 14" riser: 58", 60", 62”, 64”, or 66” AMO bow lengths.

The use of 16" risers will add 2" to overall bow length. 

Bow weight (approximately)

* 14" ST wood riser and limbs 34 oz

   riser only 18 oz

* 14" ST aluminum riser and limbs 50 oz

   riser only 32oz

* 16" ST wood riser and limbs 36 oz

   riser only 22 oz

* 16" ST aluminum riser and limbs 57 oz

   riser only 42 oz

* 16" RC wood riser and limbs 40 oz

   riser only oz 25

Draw Weight

Draw weights ranging from 35-60# at 28” are common, with a few limb sets either lighter or heavier than this normal range.  See the section below on why you should choose a lighter draw weight.

Draw Length

The 58" and 60" bow lengths work well out to 28". The 62” bow is optimized for all draw lengths up to 29”. The 64” bow is smooth up to a 31” draw length. The 66” limb set has proven to operate well beyond that.

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Aluminum vs. Wood Riser

People frequently ask about the benefits of an aluminum riser versus an exotic wood riser.  Both have been extensively tested to ensure that performance is the same between the two.  The main difference the archer feels with aluminum versus exotic wood is the added mass.  Some people love the added mass and some people love the beauty of exotic wood. 

All of the exotic risers we offer are heavy, dense wood, made even stronger and heavier by thoughtful use of fiberglass.  A 14” exotic wood riser will generally weigh 18 ounces, plus or minus an ounce.  A 14” solid-aluminum riser will weigh two pounds, or 14 ounces more than the exact same riser in exotic wood.  The choice is yours – extra mass with aluminum or a unique look with exotic wood.  With either one you can’t go wrong.

What is my Draw Weight?

One other suggestion to keep in mind when filling out an order request has to do with draw weights.  We mean it when we say that these bows excel in the performance category.  For every person who has told us that he/she wanted a heavier set of limbs, we’ve had 10 tell us they wished they had ordered a lighter set of limbs. 

With an ACS you can almost always achieve the same or even higher levels of performance to which you’re accustomed with less draw weight than before.  So please consider dropping down a few pounds in draw weight when filling out your specs.  You’ll be glad you did!


Before making a decision, please read our information on how to define performance. For more information on how your ACS bow will perform please read our bow test results page.


How Do I Order?

It’s easy!  Just fill out your order request and A&H Archery will contact you to confirm your order and discuss any questions you may have. Once your order has been approved by A&H, you need to send in your $200 deposit and we’ll go to work building your bow.  

If you prefer to talk with us about your customization choices, please call the shop at 616.677.2726.

Exotic Wood Selection
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These are the risers we usually have available, depending on the stock of our suppliers.

Macassar Ebony
Black Aluminum
Pau Ferro
Also Known as
Bolivian Rosewood