Impact Collars + Glue In Glue On Adapters


Impact Collar ($9.00 for a pack of 3)

The Impact Collar can be used with or without the Glue in Glue on Adapter making it usable for both glue on and screw in heads.

Inside Dimension of Collar, Material, and Weight

.222 SS 50 Grain

.226 SS 50 Grain

.244 SS 50 Grain

.237 SS 50 Grain

.265 SS 35 Grain - Out of Stock

.267 SS 35 Grain - Out of Stock

Inside Dimension/ Weight

Glue In Glue On Adapters (All prices below are per 3 pack)

The Glue in Glue on adapter allows you to glue in the adaptor and also glue on a 5 Degree broad head.  

Outside Dimension of Adapter, Material, and Weight


.166 Titanium 50 Grain

.166 SS 75 Grain

.166 SS 100 Grain

.203 SS 100 Grain

.203 Titanium 75 Grain - Out Of Stock


Dimension/ Material/ Weight