Norb Mullaney has been shooting bows and arrows of one type or another for over 75 years.  He started with a hickory self bow at 8 or 9 years of age, progressed through self longbows, a solid fiberglass bow, several commercial laminated recurves, recurves of his own design and building, and a number of self-built compounds before forsaking bow building to concentrate on technical writing and consulting in the archery field.  He began testing and reporting on bows and other archery products in the early 1970s and continues this effort presently.

 Mullaney practices as a registered professional engineer.  He has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Aeronautical Engineering.  

He has been very active in the area of safety and standards for archery products and has chaired the ASTM Subcommittee for Archery Products for 18 years and the AMO Safety and Standards Committee for 17 years. 

Wrangell Mountains

Never Summer Range in Baker Pass Colorado
He has authored over 260 published articles and papers dealing with the technical side of archery and bowhunting.  Over the years he has tested over 8000 different bow and arrow combinations. 

In 2002 Norb Mullaney was elected to the national Archery Hall of Fame and the Hall of Honor of the World Bowhunters Chapter of the Safari Club International.  He also served as a director of the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association for 30 years.

Norb Mullaney Biography