Thank you for making me a better shooter!

Larry & John & the gang,

I just wanted to take the time & wish you guys & gals a Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year. I also want to thank you for making me a better shooter this year than in all but my college years (1971 thru 1977).  I'm not doing anything any differently so it has to be the bow.  

My groups have tightened up, but my true measure is the "first" shot.  My first shot of the day into my 3-d target is now a "kill" over 90% of the time.  I have taken a doe & a young 8-point so far this year.  Neither deer traveled more than 75 yards.  So I say thank you & I have one more deer hunting trip over to Alabama next month for the tail end of their rut.  I hope to send "pictures".

Thanks again....


New bow success. 

Todd McDiffitt The bow arrived Wednesday in perfect condition. The 16" handle with the finger grooves is fantastic. I took it to an IBO shoot Saturday and shot the second best score I have ever shot. All of my friends were very impressed with this bow. I had forgotten how quiet a good bow could be until I shot this one. Thanks for a great bow. Todd.

New risers.


I just received the risers and shot them at the club and they felt great. Matt also loved the riser. Many  thanks for the wonderful service. I will let everybody one know about your outstanding service.                                       


Improved shooting
Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you but just to let you know - I LOVE MY NEW BOW!!!  We both do - although Andy already had an ACS (bought second hand) so he was already a convert.
My shooting has improved quite a lot and I believe it is due to the confidence that having such a beautiful & well crafted bow gives me.  I have some new arrows and they and the bow work really well together.  I was initially a little worried as it was quite a step up in poundage for me but I had no problems and felt comfortable from my first shot.  All in all I am extremely happy.
So thank you for such a lovely bow and look forward to perhaps making more purchases in the future (bank balance permitting of course!).
thanks again 


Dan, I received the bow last night. It took me about 10 shots to get it real close via bare shaft tuning. I’m about 4” right and 2” low at 30 yards compared to fletched shafts and I should be able to finish the fine tuning this weekend once the string stabilizes and I make some minor adjustments. Man I like this bow!!!!  It shoots very similar to my old double carbon bow I dropped and broke a month ago and the performance between the two bows in nearly identical in all aspects. That’s a huge complement for your bow because I didn’t think I’d ever shoot a bow as good as my old bow! Anyway, thanks for turning around the bow so quickly. My AC joints and surgically repaired shoulders thank you and now I can get back to shooting as much as I like! Have a great holiday weekend,

Thanks for the great service

Thanks for sending the 62" limbs so quickly.  They were waiting for me when I got home tonight.  Took only 15 minutes to assembling, string and put the nocks in the right spot and then I was shooting superbly right away.  The shorter limbs shoot exceptionally smooth and fast without any stacking, even at my 29" draw.  I'm very pleased with the shorter length, and I love having the option for 62, 64, and 66 inch lengths and different weights.  I've also been winning local shoots with my ACS bows.  I came in first at the last four 3-D shoots.  I never thought I could beat some of the great shooter I meet at these events, but I am winning the longbow competitions and am scoring far above even the recurve shooters since switching to ACS longbows.  Your ACS bows have given me far greater consistency and a real edge up on the competition.

Thanks for the great products and great service.  



New bow!

Thought I would drop you a line...  I got the bow on Saturday!   WOW - what a beauty.  Got her set up and shooting in less than 20 minutes. I love the bow and want to thank you for your help and making sure I got the bow so quickly   



Happy Customer

You know, in addition to being impressed by your products, one of the things I like when either communicating with you on the phone or via e-mail, and that ya’ll do so well, is make it feel like you’re the local archery shop just around the corner and I was just in last week.  I don’t know how many bows ya’ll sell, but remembering that I’m the guy with the black riser and camo limbs makes a big difference.  Thanks!!!

Peter V


New Favorite bow

I've owned a BUNCH of the big name recurves and a few longbows. This is without a doubt one of the top two bows that I have owned.

Thanks again,


New riser

I received the riser Friday afternoon at around 3p. I wanted to let you know it made it fine but I was in a hurry to get to deer camp.  The riser is awesome!  Got to camp in the dark put the new riser on and shined a flashlight on the bag target.  Never missed a beat!  it was money!

Talk to you later and thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I love it!



Thanks alot.

 I've been pretty lucky so far in my life and have been able to afford a few toys that I wanted. Sure hope that trend continues!  Even so I don't buy a lot of stuff. My hunting is very important to me so I like to use good equipment.

I was in the woods yesterday evening still looking for the odd pig. It dawned on me, again, that my A&H bows that I shoot every day and hunt with exclusively are among my most prized possessions. I have a ton of confidence in them and truly enjoy the privilege of owning and using them.

Great bows !


Splitting arrows

I was shooting my weekly 300 round indoors last night and wasn’t shooting all that great when I put two in the 5 ring two in the 3 ring and then my last arrow Robin Hooded another arrow in 5 ring. I’m the only Trad guy there and all the compound guys came up and shook my hand, hi fived me and took pics. It was a pretty cool experience.
By the way it was an ACS

Tuning help success

I moved the knock point from 5/8 to 3/4 and that took care of the tuning issues.  I'm shooting 27 1/2" mfx 500 shafts 44#@ 26"  I shot every broadhead and field point I had out of the bow ant they all shot right on spot from 125gr to 190 gr.  Thanks again for a great bow and that's coming from someone who's owned a "bunch" of them over the past 60 years. 



Received the new aluminum riser. Shoots great. You guys produce an excellent product and provide exceptional support. I'm sure we will do more business in the future.  Thanks.

Made to hunt

I just wanted to say thank you. I have been shooting my ACS CX for a little over a year now and there is only one problem with the bow.....I love it so much, that I find I am neglecting all my other bows!! When it first arrived, it quickly became my favorite bow,  but I continued to hunt with others, since the ACS was so pretty that I did not want to damage it. I just had to get over that.....a bow is mean to hunt! I decided to bring my 52lb ACS CX along on a recent Hog hunt in TN. As you can see, it had no problem bringing this bad boy down. I saw the hog's leg step forward, then I saw my nock disappear into its vitals. 

Thank you for making such a fine bow. 



Thanks allot

Last year I was in Iraq and purchased a bow from you guys, I like the bow so much that I ended up getting rid of all of my other traditional bows. The bow shot like a dream out there, I got back a couple of months ago and continue to shoot it a couple of times a week. I figured I would just let you guys know how impressed I was by your service and   quality of your bow. Thanks for any help.  

My new bow

Guy’s I received my bow today. I tried it right away.I am very impress with the bow.When you say it is a Ferrari, I think you are correct,It is smooth, fast and the precision I can get with the bow is not comparable with my others bows.The riser is also beautiful.Thanks

Thanks for the fast shipping.

I received the riser Friday afternoon at around 3p. I wanted to let you know it made it fine but I was in a hurry to get to deer camp.  The riser is awesome!  Got to camp in the dark put the new riser on and shined a flashlight on the bag target.  Never missed a beat!  it was money!

 I did not get a chance to test its effectiveness on a white-tail. Got close but no deal; however, Dad put one down with his ACS!!!!  Smoked him at 12 paces.

 Talk to you later and thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I love it!


Bow Fishing

If you like fish stories, your going to love this one!   As a professional guide, I am afforded the opportunity to see all manner of bows and equipment used in bowfishing.  Consequently, it has been my observation that longbows and recurves lack the power to successfully pursue giant Alligator Gar.  Often the arrows simply bounce off of trophy fish!   Understandably, I was very skeptical when my clients arrived from Spain ready to pursue trophy Alligator Gar with longbows.  I tried to talk them into using compounds, but they wouldn’t hear of it.  I watched intently as Juan Carlos purposefully assembled his A&H ACS Longbow.  There was no hurry in his manner.  With his equipment now assembled, he confidently stated, “This is a very powerful bow!  You will see!”  And see I did!  I was amazed with the speed and excellent penetration he was getting from his ACS!  He was driving arrows into the mud in six feet of water! It wasn’t long before I had them in huge fish and the ACS did not disappoint!   Juan Carlos shot through seven feet of water before connecting on a huge seven foot, two inch fish!  Unbelievable!  The well placed arrow had us admiring his trophy after a twenty minute tug of war!   After the trip, Juan Carlos was gracious enough to let me admire his bow.  I was impressed with  the limb to the riser fit!  It was superb with zero slop.  The bow had clean lines and had gorgeous woods.  I also noticed it was extremely smooth to draw!  To say that I was blown away doesn’t quite expound this bows performance though!  I can’t wait to get my hands on one!  My order will be forthcoming as soon as my fishing season is over!   
Sincerely, Jack Thatcher

Thanks guys

I can honestly say after 35 years of shooting longbows, selfbow & recurves. This bow is the best. I’ve always shot 80 to 75lb bows, this bow shoots better. @ 56 years of age, and the 59lb has added back the fun of shooting 2 dozen arrows a day. The ACS of A&H has added a new chapter to my hunting. The workmanship was of the highest standard. You took care of ever detail beyond my dreams.  Thanks 

Great Work Guys

Dan and all at A&H,I received my new A&H/ACS longbow and have sent a few arrows out of her. The bow is everything as you advertise, smooth draw, fast & flat shooting, shoots where I look and very easy on the eyes along with light in the hand. Thank you for a real shooter of a bow!Sincerely! 




Very Accurate bow

Dan I got the limbs. Set the bow up and shot it in within minutes. My oh my this is an accurate set up. I have owned and shot a ton of longbows but this one stands out as one of the best I have owned. Very forgiving and fun to shoot.



Very Pleased

Dan,Added the extra Velcro to shelf and shot this group at 20 yds wind gusting 15-25 but tried to shoot between gusts no excuse but my form for the flyer out of the group. This A&H ACS CX is way beyond anything I have ever shot including recurves: quiet--flat shooting--consistent--easy to tune--fast-- groups arrows of different weights, 4" or 5" fletch--no hand shock or stacking on draw. Shoots 20fps faster than Bear recurve of same draw weight, but I will chronograph and let you know. I can't see the arrows until they hit the target so I know it is way faster than the recurve. And I used to shoot a 60# Mathews compound, but this ACS bow and instinctive shooting is the way to go, and I am confident it will be as effective on the southeastern whitetail as any 60# wheel bow. What a beauty and what a joy to shoot. Dan, I want to especially thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone and all the emails we shared. Super bow and super service backed up by warranty and a person on the other end of a telephone line who is knowledgeable, patient, and interested in every detail brought up by a potential customer. You will notice all the other holes on the target where I tried to get the other brand bow tuned up. But the ACS CX loved the center of this target from the beginning.Best Wishes~Dennis

New Setup Works Great

Gentlemen, I bought a bow from you in October and just wanted to drop you a note as to how I was finding things.   I got some Easton FMJ's last month and have been shooting them with 175gr points.  As Larry said they are a great match for the bow (16 inch Pau Ferro riser and 56# 66" limbs AMO 68).  I cannot believe how tight my groups have become and pretty routinely shoot 3-4" groups at 20+ yards with 6-10 arrows.  I am replacing a lot of fletching and recently split an arrow!  The bow is smooth to draw, light and no hand shock.   Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the bow.   I didn't hunt with it in our first deer season but am looking forward to using it in the 12/24-1/15 winter bow season (NJ). Thanks for the bow and the advice. Best regards,

Ready To Hunt

Dan, I received the 58" 48# gray action wood model you had in inventory and I must say it is the best bow ever!Smooth drawing clear out to my 25" draw and fast as lightning with my Easton "600" arrows.What a great bow.Hope I have a gobbler picture to send you real soon.~Bill