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Anytime you see horizontal lines back in the woods, check it out; it just might be the deer that you have been waiting for. Not many trees grow parallel to the ground. When you spot a horizontal line in the woods, give it close scrutiny. The chances are high that it is a deer.



Flight Shooting Champions Show Off the ACS Bow and Make History.


Today in South Africa, approx 100,000 wild animals are hunted annually by the 6,500 visiting foreign big game hunters and the 50,000 South African hunters.


Bowhunters must be able to locate and approach goats, hogs and sheep. To get within arrow range, they must break through the safety zone of these animals. It's a skill that requires good knowledge about the prey you're after, its habits and biological characteristics.


If you know where a gobbler goes on his daily routine, you are way ahead. Simply get to a favored strut or feeding area before the gobbler does, and call softly.



As Northwest wildlife managers attempt to curb elk numbers to keep ranchers and other landowners satisfied, hunters reap the rewards.



Hunters heading afield with their sights set specifically on bears have plenty to look forward to, but there are also many obstacles to overcome. The more prepared and diversified your approach, the better the chance of securing one of the continent's most dangerous and secretive predators.


The moose is the largest member of the deer family currently roaming the planet. The moose seems as if it should belong to a different, larger scale of animal because it dwarfs its commonly seen cousin the deer.